Approach dating

They want time to show this woman that they are a charming, charismatic, pleasant, polite, and overall ‘good’ human being.The primary drawback to utilizing an indirect approach is that a man could conceivably engage in a conversation with a woman that lasts 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or longer, only for that woman at the end of the conversation to reveal that she is married, engaged, or simply not interested in sharing that man’s company in any sort of romantic or sexual manner.

When a man utilizes a direct approach with women, his chances of being rejected in an abrupt, and even harsh manner increase significantly. The advantage for men using a direct approach with women is that a man will never, ever end up investing a significant amount of time and/or money pursuing the companionship of women who want nothing from them other than to be flattered by the man, be entertained by the man, take advantage of the financial and non-financial ‘favors’ offered to them by the man (e.g.On the other hand, if you approached this same woman, introduced yourself to her, and then you proceeded to engage in ten minutes or more of flattering and entertaining ‘small talk’ (otherwise known in the Pickup Artist Community as ‘comfort and trust building’ conversation), and then toward the end of the conversation, you let it be known that you would like to get together with this woman for drinks, lunch, dinner, etc., this would be representative of an ‘indirect’ approach to connecting with women. The vast majority of professional dating coaches, pickup artists, and other attraction and seduction advisors tend to favor more of an ‘indirect’ approach for communicating your romantic and sexual desires and interests to women. Among other reasons, most men cannot handle egotistical ‘sting’ of abrupt or harsh rejection.If possible, most men want to avoid having their egos bruised by a woman’s rejection or negative reactions within the first three-to-five minutes of the first conversation.That man might also receive some degree of harsh criticism from women for being so ‘candid’ and ‘forward’ about his desire to have sex with her. free meals, free movies, etc.), and then eventually find a way to ‘politely’ reject them.Put it like this: If it was a forgone conclusion that a woman you were attracted to was inevitably going to reject you at some point in the future, would you want to find out about her lack of interest in you BEFORE you invest a significant amount of time and money in sharing her company?

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