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She says he was the one who taught her how to be funny.Meredith now lives in Chicago, where most of the Starkid shows are performed, She's also done lots of stand-up comedy for different clubs and bars.Meredith played the part of Ultrabeam Megagirl in Starship. She replaced Bonnie as Hermione in A Very Potter Senior Year (and did a fantastic job).She played many various roles in Holy Musical [email protected], including Dr. She also played Scherrezade in Twisted (and was an ensemble member).She went to high school at Pinckney High School in Pinckney, Michigan.Meredith was also in Twin Masks Youth Theatre during her highschool years." To me the AVPSY script paled in comparison to what Joe said. I think that they genuinely thought that fans already knew about it or are trying to make it seem like "no biggie" and see if it blows over.None of them tweeted anything related to what Joe said.

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I wish that Meredith and Brian had addressed it but, I'm not going to complain about the info we got. They're real people in a real relationship, leave them to be in love in peace. And Breredith shippers, don't be mean to or make fun of the Bropez shippers, let them ship who they want to ship.

And the poor girl who asked the question is getting a lot of hate because some people think the question was inappropriate. If you were sitting in front of someone who probably had insider knowledge into your ship wouldn't you ask them? Don't tweet at them (this took a ton of self-control) or anything like that.

As many of you may know, Joe Walker confirmed that Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien are dating at JMOMS.

This of course made the fandom go completely insane and turn on each other. I'm a huge Breredith shipper, so when I found out I screamed and died and was just like "Oh my Rowling!

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