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Maybe it's just their nature, or maybe it's because they've already conducted several national tours in the two short years since they began to sketch out demos in their Brooklyn apartment.

Whatever the reason, their joy is arresting and infectious - it bubbles in between the jerky thumps of Kim's kick drum and the pulsating attack of Matt's keyboards and it's moving them up the Indie rock ranks at an accelerated pace.

Both members are relatively new students of their instruments, but the playing is by no means simple or obvious.

-k My friends and I are going to the KXT Summer Cut in Dallas just to see you! Say, since you're playing in between other bands, any idea how long your set will be? We were so excited to hear you all were doing an AMA but then Rachel realized she had to work tonight :( could I get you all to give a shout out to her?! She also wanted to ask you what you two do when you're not together and doing your own stuff? -m Would Kim (or either of you) ever consider posing nude?

Also, can we cancel all of the other performances so you can play longer? Considering you all were in the ' Lessons Learned' video, I would think it may be possible. There was the guy in NY who crowd surfed me a beer. His was especially awesome cause he went from the front row and crowd surfed to the back.

And are there any upcoming bands that you would recommend? :)I just wanted to stop by and say, you guys killed it at the House of Blues in AC, caught one of your drumsticks Kim! Cannot wait to see y'all again at Lollapalooza!

Kim, the moon is the second brightest object in the sky (next to the sun, of course).

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