Bible says dating different races

“Where did the different ‘races’ of men upon the earth come from?

” At the commencement of this discussion, we must insist that the so-called “racial” developments did not result from an evolutionary ascendancy, with certain “races” being lower than others on the animal-to-human scale. As the careful student can see, in not a single passage is the term used of a pigmentation distinction, e.g., white race, black race, yellow race, etc.

Early humanity largely had neglected the Creator’s charge to “fill the earth” (Gen. In fact, a significant portion absolutely refused to do so (see Gen. Accordingly, God “confounded” their speech and “scattered them abroad” (Gen. The subsequent separations created the circumstances that accommodated the physical variations of the human family.

Only by employing the Bible’s principles for understanding race will reconciliation become a reality.Yet others thought the young man reaped what he sowed.These starkly different reactions and recent similar events reveal the deep racial divide that still exists in this country.The likenesses by far outnumber the differences” (Human Heredity, New York: The New American Library, 1960, p. Those “likenessness” separate human beings from the animal “kinds,” and yet the “differences” reveal God’s infinite wisdom in creative design!We should give thanks unto him, for we have been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psa.

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