City journal darwinist dating

But according to science, its the asian females who deserve the blame, since males of all races try to mate with all races.

Its the females who in every single race but east asian, chose their own over others.

Also your class sounds completely ridiculous and unsubstantiated.

I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. In fact, asian women that married white men did so because they preferred white men and even though there is nothing wrong with it, it still creates a problem because an hapa male is still an asian male in our society, especially in the eyes of white people.

Growing up as a hapa male, you understand that your mother is like those asian american women going for white men and your dad, well, a white man having a yellow fever.

Which I think makes my perception worse than if I was just an Asian-American.

I used to blame the white guys for having yellow fever and stuff.

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