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My commitment to myself is to not settle for less than this as I have before, which means (in my language/paradigm) they are more than wants or needs, they are requirements.

I trust that this is possible, that I deserve it, am capable of this kind of relationship, that if I don't settle for less I will find my soul mate and experience this kind of relationship.

After studying dating and practicing it myself for years, this was new territory for me!

Then, after our third meeting we hugged goodbye and it was all over for me. I had insomnia that night and couldn't sleep the next night as well.

I was seeking a deep emotional and spiritual connection that I did not experience with Susan.

I broke off the relationship in August 2007 and posted my profile on several internet matchmaking websites determined to find my soul mate or be alone.

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Along My Journey After Maggie, I met a wonderful woman (Susan) who seemed aligned with everything I was seeking.In this context "problems" are a challenge to be met with positive energy, optimism that it'll work out fine, not as indicators that something or someone is “wrong.” 5.I require a relationship that has a higher mission than personal happiness.Having settled for less in the past and having had the alternatives, I'd rather be alone than in a relationship without this.I'm complete as I am and can give myself all these things!

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