Dating culture in south korea

“There is one bowling alley in Pyongyang but I only went once because it was very expensive.They only accept American dollars which I had got from selling stuff on the black market,” he recalls.Some people have pornography but if the government found them they would go directly to a camp.” Homosexuality is another taboo in North Korean society, so much so that Kang says there was no concept of it, let alone a word for it.“A man followed me and tried to touch me but at that time I didn’t know what gay was.In other words, life in North Korea was lived out under the unremitting gaze of Kim Jong-Un. Standing and marching for three hours in the wintertime is horrible because it’s freezing.So much so that Kang would attend roughly three rallies for the supreme leader every year. But then in the summer it’s bad because it’s over 40 degrees.” On top of this, as a young teenager Kang would be sent to a village for 14 days of farming once a year.“Parents are often at work all day so couples will go to their house.When I was young a saw a couple having sex in the park”.

”You’re also not supposed to have sex before you are married.” Inevitably, young people found ways of being intimate with each other.

I would go a lot in summertime, about twice a week, because it’s very hot so you want cold beer”.

Despite coming from a middle-class family, for the most part, he says other activities were out of reach due to costliness.

Watching pornography was another sexual activity which was a no go.

“I never watched porn there, it would have been really dangerous.

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