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Since it took you only 2 months (about 160 hours) to find this suboptimal relationship, you have essentially lost the chance for about 12 other potential candidates!

(It’s not as black and white as this as we’ll discuss in the where to find a husband / wife section) Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t enter into relationships that do satisfy your list and find out later that your list isn’t quite complete.

Fill in the blank: This is what marriage means to me: When you’re clear on what you want, we can take a look at what you can do to accomplish that! Does your definition of marriage require an actual wedding? Can you imagine the emotional pain and legal headaches?

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Please be aware though that I am currently in love, so my analysis may be somewhat biased.Think about how many people you meet through the course of a year or two.By devoting most of your time to a relatively hopeless relationship, your deprive yourself of the chance of exploring other relationships that might give you what you want!Well, that doesn’t require an actual “legal” marriage! Once you’ve figured out what a marriage entails (so that you know what to ask a potential husband / wife), the question is who to ask!You can tell someone “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you”, and if he/she says “I love you too – that sounds great! Well, it’s to make sure you know what you want well enough that you can express it to the other person. Take a while and think about what qualities you need in someone for marriage.

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