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This conversion is variable between and even within species, and variation in the ability of humans to make the conversion could have contributed to the conflicting findings with menadione-laced chewing gum.While no studies have yet clearly shown dietary or supplemental vitamin K to improve dental health, this is most likely a result of the dental field largely ignoring any role for nutrition in the prevention of tooth decay beyond the role of carbohydrates in promoting bacterial acid production.

The evidence that MGP plays the same role in humans is extensive, and the sections below discuss that evidence in the context of each specific health benefit.The question is whether nutritional doses, which I would define as those under one milligram per day, offer meaningful support to bone health.Observational studies have associated the use of vitamin K antagonists as anticoagulants with lower bone mineral density (/d) or borderline nutritional (1.5 mg/d) doses of vitamin K that suggest improvements in bone health, but they are not consistently convincing.Since the carboxyl group is added to the third carbon of the glutamate sidechain, known as the gamma (𝛄) carbon, the process is known as 𝛄-carboxylation.Once modified in this way, glutamate becomes 𝛄-carboxyglutamate and is abbreviated β€œGla.” Thus, vitamin K-dependent proteins often have the term β€œGla” in their names.

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