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Such a wonderful drama...was light and touching...beautiful.... But there are plot gaps and writing lapses: the friends would have called her, for pete's sake; production team apparently didn't know what to do with the conclusion; and the second leads are annoying and boring.loved every episode....henry was my main reason to watch this but I loved all the characters..were wonderful....thanks to henry oppa and sung hoon oppa for making my laugh so many times...waiting to see u in more dramas:) One of the best..healthiest emotional Intelligence couple..n straight n honest conversation ever in Korean dramas.. But even the weaknesses cannot distract from SJS and SMA.

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It's got some mediocre story with not so great performances. the usual story which they make it worse by making too obvious..But it turns out that he also do an awesome job with Min Ah in Oh My Venus.Not bad drama and the story line is not that really good.. i watch this drama over i like both of them SMA and so ji sub and henry.. @Ang-ang I absolutely agree with you, we need more dramas like this which portray relationship that have parties that are mature in age and mind.The script was different and unusual but the two leads make it worked so well.It was amazing to see how they make this drama worked.

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