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“And if they are, if they’ll just knock them into the water, they’ll sink and drown and you can kill the young when the eggs are in the young stage like that.

“And the little they did have — you could go pick up a cluster of grass, and they’d literally have 100 snails on it. On the north side of the Intracoastal from the Houma Nav to the Atchafalaya, it’s been affected pretty negatively.I’ve had courses in parasitology, and there are some nasty parasites out there.” If you see evidence of snails in areas where you hadn’t noticed them before, Reed asked that you call the state's Invasive Species Hotline at 225-765-3977 so new populations can be monitored.For more information on the snails from LDWF, click here. We’re starting to see these things, and it’s certainly worrisome to us,” Reed said.“If you put something out there to kill the snails, you’re going to kill a lot of other stuff inadvertently.” On Arcement’s Orange Grove lease, he said the number of snails in the ponds is staggering.“Right now, you could go in our ponds and look on the bottom — the water is clear now — and there are just millions of snails on it,” he said.

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