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With his mane of long blond hair and powerful, bare-chested appearance, Plant helped to create the "god of rock and roll" or "rock god" archetype.Although Led Zeppelin split in 1980, Plant occasionally collaborated with Jimmy Page on various projects through this period, including forming a short-lived all-star group with Page and Jeff Beck in 1984, called the Honeydrippers.Plant is regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of rock and roll.

They were both in relationships at the time, so it wasn't until several years later that they began dating.A powerful and wide vocal range (particularly evident in his high-pitched vocals) has given him a successful singing career spanning over 50 years.In 2006, Heavy Metal magazine Hit Parader named Plant the "Greatest Metal Vocalist of All Time".This particular ordering of them, the "pop punk progression" as Wikipedia calls it, was spawned as a variant of the Doo-Wop Progression, and has been particularly popular from the 1990s to the present day.Actually Older Than They Think - this progression is already known in the Baroque music.

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