Mandating hpv vaccination what are the arguments

Currently, the vaccine appears to be effective for only 5 years. Challenges and opportunities of a new HPV immunization program. Unfortunately, not all possible side effects of the vaccine have been determined, and since the approval of Gardasil, at least 82 adverse events have occurred including nausea, fever, rashes, and fainting spells (Gottvall et al. Other questions and unknowns exist about the HPV vaccine. What, if any, are the short-term or long-term impacts of the vaccine on fertility or pregnancy intention? A 16-year-old girl with bilateral visual loss and left hemiparesis following an immunization against human papilloma virus. Gottvall, M., Tydén, T., Larsson, M., Stenhammar, C., & Höglund, A.

This incomplete protection does not reduce susceptibility to the other HPV types that cause the remaining 30% of cervical cancers and will still require females to undergo yearly cervical cancer screenings and to practice other preventive measures of reducing STI exposure (American Social Health Association, 2006).

Recently, many state officials have sought to mandate Gardasil, raising much controversy.

This article discusses common arguments for and against mandating the vaccine, describes nursing implications, and offers a Christian perspective of this debate. Smith, APRN, RN is a family nurse practitioner with Indiana Wesleyan University and Regis University online.

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