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According to the Rand Corp survey, most eligible spouses who did not sign up for the My CAA program believed that they are ineligible.

Rand Corp also found that many newly married families, in the last three years or so, simply did not know that the program existed.

In a tone that makes clear that she has done an instant X-ray and discerned an ambitious young operator beneath the benign exterior, Hester quips, “I think I saw that movie.” When this meets a blank stare, she clarifies: “The young faux-naïf making up to the aging star.

It’s called ‘All About Eve.’ ”Although its setting is the theater of politics as opposed to Broadway, Mr.

Hester, meanwhile, has seen her status taken down a peg or two, but she remains loyal to her beliefs.

We watch as Hester’s fortunes (personal and political) fluctuate in accord with the changing currents in the Oval Office and its environs.

The action covers three decades, with scenes taking place in the waning days of the Carter presidency, the second term of the Reagan presidency and finally the heady, hopeful moment of President Obama’s inauguration.

Giardina’s stimulating play illuminates the emotional toll that living in such a house divided (and a country divided) can take on its inhabitants.

The program was designed to help military spouses pursue certifications, licenses, and degrees to help them qualify for a high demand and portable job. If you have paid any attention to the My CAA news then, you probably know that it was not always formulated in the way that we see it today.

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