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The 2NE1 vocalist went through quite a bit in the past 2 years, starting from her drug scandal which forced her to go on an indefinite hiatus and drop out of the SBS variety show, “Roommate”.

We hope see you more often🙏🏻 #삼거리푸줏간#투애니원#2ne1#박봄#parkbom A post shared by 삼거리푸줏간 (3 Butchers) (@3geori_butchers) on Earlier this month, YG Entertainment dropped a bomb on Blackjacks when they announced that 2NE1’s “maknae” Minzy has left the idol group. “My Star” is such a good song.) Her last post is dated 22nd June 2014 so you can be sure that she had some serious dusting off to do.Wishing Bom strength because people won't give her a break even if shes in pain like this. i heard that he turn down offer for the role son oh gong in hwayugi. I really cant imagine how he would pull off SOG character in the drama.seunggi is perfect for SOG since he has been in such charcter fot his preivous drama.. You are so awsome and your face is so damn beautiful (sorry for cussing But i am just trying to explain My feelinga ^.^ ) so Oppa Fighting i want you to have more dramas i of course want you as lead role I believe in you Fighting i am your no.1 fan park bo gum because all your performed in any drama series is all succesfull, i want to see you in personal but i know it won't happen anymore so i will just still support you and kim yoo jung i hope you will be good couple in personal because of your good chemistry and i hope too, you will have a same drama again with kim yoo jung because i always love both of you#LITM # love you boyoo Hi Park Bo Gum ?? I love the style and I love the koreanovela Entittled "Love in the Moonlight it was a good and i love the way you smile your so cute so sweet and when you do the "Boombastic video its make me laugh so much . It makes me smile,laugh and cry Hope you will visit our country PHILIPPINES Hope to meet you personally and time to chat Saranghaeyo oppa❤❤ Love at first episode I've never been this addicted to a Korean actor. annyeonghasaeyo oppa.oppaga jongmal're the best male actor in my life.i get to see you in person in the future i will be the happiest person in the world..n your acting is the best..saranghae........... reading all the comments and i have to agree with syifei... But that guy was not really her boyfriend; he was just a friend.Bom could not make any boyfriend, perhaps due to her shy nature.

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