Radgrid pagesize not updating

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Only after a refresh is the current data displayed. I'm not sure what method would be preferred, because Scott's issue was very similar to mine.

The code change suggested for Scott did not work in my case. I am calling the Bind Web Data Grid in the Page_Load.

If the page is a post back, the page_load is exited with a return statement. Hello Jay, Please, note the difference between Simple and Advanced databinding as demonstrated in the linked online examples and the related help topics.

The radgrid2 for which i bind the data through clientside,pagination property works fine , and my grid gets refresh each time. I have an outer telerik rad grid and then in that I have a nested viewtemplate, in that nestedviewtemplate I have a second telerik radgrid which displays some details based on information in the row of the first grid.I can get the first telerik grid to display fine and it will page correctly. The first page of that grid will load fine, but if I try to page it, the whole grid collapses and I see nothing.I then change the value, and click the Update link.Page_Load fires, then Update Command (the change is saved to Linq business object using Save in this step), then Need Data Source, and the page is displayed.

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