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M&Ms™ were shaken in a bag, poured out on the table, and then removed to the decayed pile if they did not show their “m” label.As parent element M&Ms™ were removed through radiometric decay, daughter element marshmallows replaced them.

The chances that a single atom of uranium -238 will decay during a one minute period are indeed very low.

Students reported that their knowledge was enhanced and their misconceptions were addressed.

Some commented specifically that food made the activity more accessible on a sensory level. 131© Copyright 2010 The Geological Society of America (GSA), all rights reserved.

The unit began with an introductory lesson on radioactive isotopes, followed by two days of hands-on small group activities that developed critical thinking, math and graph making/interpretation skills.

First, students visualized the concepts of radioactive decay and half-life in an activity using M&Ms™ and marshmallows.

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