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Doctors from Northwestern University's Hospital, four blocks away, were called in and emergency equipment, including an ambulance, stood by as reports circulated that the ill Mayor would be taken to the hospital. No detail of its functions was too small for him to bother with, even after 20 years at its head.And at Northwestern, there were reports that medical personnel were standing by awaiting his arrival. He understood the block by block development of the machine, beginning with the precinct captains, who held card files on every resident in their precinct and who called on every one of them before Election Day to make certain that each understood whom the organization was supporting.Daley will surpasses his father's record of being Chicago's longest-serving mayor after he serves his full term. Daley died in office after serving 21 years as mayor.

He not only won, but scored overwhelming victories in the primary and general elections, as usual.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are hosting resident Hu Jintao for a state dinner during his visit to the United States.

(Getty Images)more pics Maggie Daley, wife of former Chicago mayor Richard M. She had been battling breast cancer and succombed to the disease at about 6pm.

The wealthy captains of Chicago's industry and real estate, most of whom are Republicans and live in the suburbs, knew little of Richard Daley 20 years ago.

But they soon learned that he was as eager for their prosperity and expansion as they were, and they soon put aside philosophical differences they may have had with him and became reliable sources of funds and approval.

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