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Imperceptibly, (which, however, until they had no matter what), she rubbed it on his aching with desire device.

) that I had no intention of staying on the Camino green path, but rather really wanted to call it a day, and use the shortcut road back down.

She was adamant that the middle road would indeed take me to Vega de Valcarce, and not back up to Vilasinde to ascend the third peak.

I’m no connoiseur, but I do like a pretty nice wine, and I was seldom disappointed in the regional vino of backyard Spain. So I excused myself, explaining that I was glad to give them a bit of privacy, expanding into another totally empty room. I remembered in the movie, “The Way,” it mentioned that Galcaia got alot of rain. I had carried around over 3# of rain pants and shell for three weeks, and it was now gonna pay off. I waited til after 8 and the warden never showed, so, CYA. I had my own private room (36 Euro, instead of the albergue price of 5 – 8, but last night was free, so, whatever!

Having a medical background, I would certainly not recommend consuming alcohol with the quantity of NSAIDs (non-steroidal antiinflammatories) reguired by an old fart like me, but it does tend to keep the knees functioning. About an hour later the German guy joined me in my new choice of room. In addition I had learned from previous days that waterproof pants do drip onto socks, that wick into eventually very wet shoes, so I invented home-made “gaiters.” I cut down a garbage bag and duct taped it to my calves under my pants, extending over my shoes. ), a hot shower, real bed, and the ambiance was just so cool.

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