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His views are derived from a thick file of previously sealed 86th District Court documents that were used to justify search warrants.

THE ROAD TO A MELTDOWNAnne is a pretty, willowy woman, living with her dog in a tidy Williamsburg condo decorated with Christian plaques.

Lance was pursued as a primary suspect, but never charged.

In April of 2005, the insurance company wrote to Avery and asked about three tanning beds that were supposedly destroyed in the fire.

After Sam’s death, Anne fled town on January 22, 2008, returning on February 25, leaving friends to fear she was murdered; in fact, she drove to a Las Vegas women’s shelter, where she cleaned and painted houses.‘ OVER THE EDGE’ Anne contacted the Express last spring to give her side of the story.“ I was pushed over the edge of being scared. I am the Britney Spears of Northern Michigan.” In August of this year, Sam’s death was deemed a homicide by David Start, a forensic pathologist in Grand Rapids, but prosecutor Koop offered few details.

Anne has hired Clinton Township attorney Carl Marlinga, a former Macomb County prosecutor. Anne believes Sam killed himself, in part, for several reasons – he stole a gun from her stepfather’s house a few weeks before his death; a classmate committed suicide; and then his close friend, Nichole Ridgeway, and another friend died in a car accident. There was certainly a motive for Sam to kill himself.

Police initially thought Sam committed suicide because he was devastated by the death of two friends and his boss.

She’s with me and I’m not bringing her back.” In the next few days, Anne called the Traverse City and Elk Rapids police and virtually everyone she knew. And to stop him if he was going to try to go any further.” Police informed Anne on December 26 that Lance’s attorney had made contact with them, said they were at Disneyland, and would return on January 1, 2007.Anne’s story began with her ex-husband Lance Miller, who she divorced in 2005 when their daughter was three and Sam was 14.The Millers’ custody agreement – originally amicable – had dissolved into a fierce tug-of-war over their daughter, who was three at the time.That was where Lance was supposed to have taken them to. (Lance declined to be interviewed for this story.)SHOWERED WITH GIFTSIn the fall of 2005, Anne began dating a long-time barbershop customer, Gerald Baker.Over the next year, Baker showered her with gifts, including an Envoy Denali and diamonds from Tiffany’s.

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