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“And I thank Jim [Berman] for that.” Dykstra dedicated his book, which climbed as high as No.

11 on the New York Times list of best sellers, to the doctor. “With opiates, there’s a fire inside that’s unexplainable.

I wanted to get off them [when he was with the Phillies], but I was afraid I was going to lose my money. Jim helped me understand what I was going through.” During the interview, one of Berman’s neighbors began cutting the lawn, the mower noise obscuring the conversation.

Dykstra jumped up and moved menacingly toward the man as if he were charging a mound.

A 2000 Pulitzer Prize finalist, he now focuses on sports projects for the Inquirer and Daily News and writes a Sunday column.

His cellphone rang, and Lenny Dykstra sprang from his seat like an outfielder in pursuit of a deep fly ball.

The series chronicles the lives of two waitresses in their mid-20s (at the start of the series): Max Black (Kat Dennings), the child of a poor working-class mother and an unknown father, and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but is now disgraced and penniless because her father, Martin Channing, got caught operating a Bernard Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme.Whereas Caroline was raised as the daughter of a billionaire, Max grew up in poverty, resulting in differing perspectives on life, although together they work in a local diner while attempting to raise funds to start a cupcake business.Since its debut, the series has received a polarized response from critics and audiences alike.Having read Harris’ book in prison — the first book he ever read — Dykstra has read plenty more since, from spy novels to true-life crime stories and banking tomes.He speaks decently about his ex-wife, Terri, who divorced him in 2009, and his sons.

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