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Attend the Volunteer Connect board member recruitment drive on Monday night at Deschutes Brewery’s downtown pub and find an organization that will allow you get a little more out of living Central Oregon by giving a little back. at the brewery’s second floor event room and will include representatives from roughly two dozen area community organizations, including Brightside Animal Center, Camp Fire Central Oregon and Cascades Theatrical Company.Corwin is competent for his descendant in the direction of Giles Corey, a sweet man who was skeptical with wii internet channel without updating.The blade is removed for sharpening every two hours. The rachet-setter is seated behind controls that operate the movement of the log on the carriage, and controls that secure the log to the carriage.Joshua Ward House Known as one of the most haunted houses in America, Joshua Ward House is built on the foundation of the home of George Corwin, the man who served as Sheriff during the Salem witch trials.Take the class on October 19 at 10 Barrel’s new location and October 22 at Good Life. Startups from Bend and the Pacific Northwest compete for funding from the Cascade Angel Fund at the Bend Venture Conference, the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.The conference brings in business and investment leaders from around the country for this two-day event.The only way this event could be more “Bend” is if dogs were included.

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