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With cafes popping up everywhere, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding where to dine for your Sunday perk-me-up.

But we’ve done the legwork for you, picking 45 of the best brunch spots in Singapore for your eggs Benny fix. Some might say it’s chicken rice, while others might say it’s laksa; to us, it all boils down to the good ol’ chilli crab.

Nothing signifies upscale quite like the symbol of a Michelin star, and you’ll find these scattered across the cream of the crop of Singapore’s fine dining scene.

From modern French restaurants to local Peranakan kitchens, and even the eponymous establishment of Jöel Robuchon himself, these Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore are culinary cornerstones you should check off your list.

With these themed restaurants in Singapore, it’s more than just the gourmet food they serve; the ambience they churn out is perfect for dinner parties or entertaining the young’uns.

Step inside the whimsical world of Chinese legends, history and folklore at this bizarre mythological park.

Sure, they’re not as fancy as most cocktail bars, but these neighbourhood pubs in Singapore pack just as much charm with their no-frills décor and loyal patrons (the affordable drinks help as well, just saying).

Some of these are sports bars as well, where you can yell at the screen with your fellow supporters.

Singapore’s an extremely safe place to live in, but it won’t hurt to take up a martial arts class for self-defence, y’know?

Also, with Singaporean athletes like Angela Lee putting Singaporean MMA on the map, martial arts classes and Muay Thai classes have become more appealing in the past couple of years too.

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