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And most critically, the default setting for video chats had to be only one way, the camera focused on Bauble Bar's SWAT Team member.

“Customers are hesitant to turn on their camera,” says Alexander-Hurst.

For that fix, Michaeli says Sale Move had to completely rethink its product development.

“We added security as a key part of its culture,” he says.

Auto industry For millennial-friendly Toyota unit Scion, online leads represented 20% of potential business, many of them lost along the way.

A central group controlled the site and brand messaging, but each dealer was legally responsible for making the actual sale.

But if Sale Move were to be the center of communications, it had to secure all data that went through to much higher regulations.It also launched multiple APIs to manage user flows so that one-way video could be a default.“We realized we needed to allow brands to customize the visual aspects of the platform a lot more than we had anticipated,” Michaeli says.Bauble Bar was interested in improving the video tools for its “SWAT Team,” (tongue-in-cheek, it stands for Service With Accessorizing Talent) a customer service group that uses video chat to talk customers through purchases or problems.That can mean putting the jewelry on to show a shopper how it looks live, says  Nina Alexander-Hurst, Bauble Bar’s vice president of customer experience.

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