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The collection is mainly based on Campbell’s 2010 artist’s residency at Upernavik Museum in Greenland – the most northern museum in the world – and another residency in Jutland, Denmark … during her residency, the poet lived amongst the islanders and began to learn the language, finding that for her, ‘Greenlandic had become the key to representing the Arctic’.

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Read full interview and read poem, Returning, by Myra Schneider This at least was one occasion when – solely owing to the audience voting with their feet and booking in heavy numbers – poetry was given space and support.Read extracts Contents: A CRUEL AND TENDER BEAUTY NANCY CAMPBELL interviewed by KAY SYRAD TAKING RISKS IN POETRY: GILLIAN ALLNUTT, JEMMA BORG, CAROLINE CARVER, KATHERINE GALLAGHER, HANNAH LOWE, CAROLINE PRICE, PENELOPE SHUTTLE FORM AND FUNCTION IN WEBBER STREET by ANNA ROBINSON REVIEWS: ALISON BRACKENBURY, JUDITH CAIR, WENDY Klein, MYRA SCHNEIDER, KAY SYRAD, DILYS WOOD and DOROTHY YAMAMOTO on books by R V Bailey, Judy Brown, Elizabeth Burns, Caroline Carver, Katie Donovan, Helen Farish, Wendy French, Jacqueline Gabbitas, Katherine Gallagher, Selima Hill, Paula Jennings, Hannah Lowe, Lisa Matthews, Katrina Naomi, Alice Oswald, Deryn Rees-Jones, Carol Rumens and Susan Wicks; and short reviews: Isabel Bermudez, Chris Considine, Cora Greenhill, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Rosie Jackson, Gill Learner, Jane Mc Laughlin, Elizabeth Parker, Kathleen M Quinlan, Penelope Shuttle, Caroline Smith, Marion Tracy and Louise Warren POETRY: FEATURED POETS: WENDY FRENCH and JUNE HALL POETRY SELECTED BY KATE FOLEY: Yvonne Baker, Denise Bennett, Alison Brackenbury, Caroline Carver, Andria J Cooke, Kerry Darbishire, Lorna Dexter, Margaret Eddershaw, Wendy French, Hilaire, Ruth Hill, Sue Johnson, Angela Kirby, Gill Learner, Lyn Moir, Carolyn Oulton, Mary Robinson, Myra Schneider, Kathryn Southworth, Anne Stewart, Judith Taylor, Isobel Thrilling and Margaret Wilmot ARTWORK: by Andria J Cooke, Monica Farthing and Caro Reeves Extracts, Issue 18 ** All items subject to copyright ©, e-mail for permissions enquiries (taken from Gillian Allnutt’s response to ‘Risk in Poetry’) Often, introducing a poem at a reading, I’ll say: ‘Well, I don’t really understand this one myself’: and someone will look askance, as if I were being irresponsible.But if the poem’s reach doesn’t exceed my own, if it doesn’t apprehend more than I do, what was the point in writing it? Read the article Nancy Campbell’s (Enitharmon, 2015) was shortlisted for the 2016 Forward Prize.The unity of such books is a plus, though they often embrace diversity and development. Read extracts Contents: INTERVIEW WITH Wioletta Grzegorzewska (Wioletta Greg) by MARIA JASTRZĘBSKA NOT A LARF A MINUTE by R V BAILEY FINDING POETRY IN THE ARCHIVES by ANGELA FRANCE SIX BRITISH POETS ANNE STEWART on poetry p f visit to Bucharest FIDELITY & FLIRTATION MAGGIE BUTT flits between publishers THE POEM JUST WANTS TO STAY AT POINT A the prose poem, by CARRIE ETTER REVIEWS: R V BAILEY, MAGGIE BUTT, JUSTINA HART, MYRA SCHNEIDER, EMILY WILLS, DILYS WOOD and DOROTHY YAMAMOTO on books by Alison Brackenbury, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, Vuyelwa Carlin, Maura Dooley, Kate Foley, Tracey Herd, Rita Ann Higgins, Frieda Hughes, Wendy Klein, Angela Leighton, Kathy Miles, Myra Schneider and Sarah Westcott; and short reviews: Ann Alexander, Rebecca Bilkau, Jacci Bulman, Jane Clarke, Carol Coates, Patricia Debney, Mo Gallaccio, Helen Kay, Janet Loverseed, Jennifer A ,; Mc Gowan, Rosie Miles, Lynda Plater, Anna Robinson, Jill Sharp, Angela Stoner, Isobel Thrilling, Susan Wicks, Anna Wigley and Merryn Williams; POETRY: FEATURED POETS: GILL LEARNER and MAGGIE SAWKINS WINNING & COMMENDED POEMS, SECOND LIGHT POETRY COMPETITION 2016 (Judge ALISON BRACKENBURY): (winners) Caroline Price, Alison Mace, Angela Kirby and Martha Street; (commended) Claire Askew, Dorothy Coventon, Sue Davies, Jennie Farley, Hilaire, Alice Kavounas, Anna Kisby, Jennie Osborne, Orel Protopopescu, Louise Warren and Rosy Wilson; POETRY SELECTED BY WENDY FRENCH: Audrey Ardern-Jones, Kay Cotton, Katherine Gallagher, Victoria Gatehouse, Lucy Hamilton, Penny Hope, Kathleen Jones, Kaye Lee, Anna Lewis, Nancy Mattson, Moya Pacey, Harriet Proudfoot, Anne Ryland, Maggie Sawkins, Penelope Shuttle, Jean Stevens, Anne Stewart, Merryn Williams, Margaret Wilmot, Glynda Winterson and Patricia Helen Wooldridge ARTWORK: by Amanda-Jane Burrell, Andria J Cooke, Monica Farthing, Kate Foley, Jenny Herbert, Alison Mace and Caro Reeves Extracts, Issue 17 ** All items subject to copyright ©, e-mail for permissions enquiries [on Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze] Verandahs may be deeply embedded in Jamaican culture, but the world they look out on is changing, both societally and personally. And the poet acknowledges that the very fact that she is now content to sit on her verandah is a marker of her age: in contrast, her children jet across continents…The poet has walked through a certain landscape of the mind and this surrounds the reader with a welcome enclosing ambience: we are glancing here and there – as you do – but it’s good to be in one place for a while. Tracey Herd describes characters who live on the edge, suffering severe depression, abandonment, neglect.

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