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If you are confident enough that you can engage a girl in an interaction that is genuine and healthy, only then approach a random girl and then there's a possibility she may end up being friends with you.

Else, either you'll be slapped or thrown out by the security.

However, weirdly, Attractive World doesn’t let you specify the age of the guys/girls you are looking for, meaning I got messages from 50 year olds who were not welcomed…

Perhaps you can fiddle with that in your profile settings later on, but TBH I really don’t want to go back into that judgey-vortex to investigate.

Actually, one of the only things I could do was vote on applicants, which felt fucking weird, and I morally refused to do it.

Even the screen full of hopeful faces made me feel bleak.

As for my ‘success’ on the site, I got a few messages here and there.

So now I know that I have to be moderated by Attractive World and then brutally judged by the members before finding out on Sunday whether I have “the privilege to enter in to our community.” Spoiler alert: This obnoxious rhetoric can be found throughout the entirety of the site and it is damn exhausting. I know that I am ridiculously competitive, and that it was kind of an ego boost to be ‘accepted’, but I felt gross and didn’t want to accept this strange judgey-validation.

I patiently waited for Sunday, and the fate that would follow, to swing by. I made the cut, I bucked the trend and was one of the ‘attractive’ three out of 10. I had a snoop around the site and, annoyingly, most of it is restricted and blurred out, as you have to pay for a premium profile to gain full access.

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