Blake shelton dating

Yet for what's it worth, Gwen seems happy or at least not unhappy.

And I can understand prioritizing being happy over being cool, especially after years of social and romantic turbulence.

After the divorce with Williams, Blake started dating Miranda Lambert. Currently, the singer is dating Gwen Renee Stefani, an American singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer.

A tabloid source said that the couple is still committed and are happy with each other.

get closer following splits from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert, respectively. Maybe you're drawn to denim shirts with the top button carelessly undone, the inability to choose between perpetual five o'clock shadow or a true beard, and the pungent aroma of a Texas Roadhouse. Of course, there's that other stuff about him being low-key racist and homophobic, with a convenient collection of cringe-worthy tweets easily accessible. And like, as a sample Tweet it really skirts a line with being inappropriate, right?

But with the passage of time it gets more baffling, and worst of all, the former ska-pop rainbow unicorn seems totally beige-afied by her beau. Yet it feels like the biggest crime is that the tweet I can only imagine that in his free time, Blake is just pounding out Budweisers and making these awkward wisecracks at barbecues across the country.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Again, the receipts are literally right there. To her credit though, Gwen's wardrobe is still boatloads more eccentric than your garden variety 48-year-old mom of three. Though they outwardly looked like a perfect rock and roll couple, Gavin made headlines in 2004 when model Daisy Lowe took a DNA test and was revealed to be her biological daughter.

Though her existence pre-dated Gwen and Gavin's relationship, that kind of massive life change can put a strain on a marriage.

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Through her profile, it can be made clear that the lonely woman now, feels safe and sound with her special one.

Maybe you just want to settle down with your two-year long publicity love.

I don't have to like it, but to be fair, Gwen was always upfront that she wanted a simple man.

Suffice to say their front-and-center PDA seems forced and more than a little unnecessary.

And on Gwen's end, we're questioning her priorities.

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