Consoleone not updating poa configuration

If this was impractical, the administrator could rebuild the secondary’s domain database to a local drive and then somehow copy or transport it to the remote location.

In Group Wise 2014, the Admin Service for the primary domain knows the IP addresses and port (location) of the Secondary Domain’s Admin Service.

In this way, Group Wise administration can be accomplished from any web browser that has access to the admin ports in question.

Direct file access and mapped drives is, for the most part, no longer necessary.

That really is of little concern in this situation, as the process is being completed by the Admin Services, and not a utility connected via mapped drives to both locations.

While it would be possible to nat through to these admin ports even from the Internet at large, it is recommended that sites use a VPN and LAN access for accessing Group Wise administration.

As Console One became deprecated in all other Novell products, largely being replaced by i Manager, the need for direct file access kept Group Wise tied tightly to Console One.

The need to access databases directly made the idea of a web based tool very difficult to accomplish. Now, the inner workings of REST go far beyond the scope of this guide.

The Windows snapins stay, not because it’s okay to use them on Windows, but because Group Wise snapins are not registered as an “installed” program in Windows and cannot be removed automatically during the installation.However, in a nutshell, Novell’s implementation of REST for Group Wise 2014 allows instructions to be transmitted from the administrator’s web browser to the admin service of a Group Wise agent.The REST service has a direct file connection to the database, similarly to how Console One accessed the database.The Primary Domain Admin Servers communicates the necessity to rebuild the Secondary Domain, and Admin Service at the remote location completes the task.In this example, the administrator may or may not be aware of the exact physical location of the post office.

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