Dating antique vega mandolin Onlie xxx vidos

Date stamps are another matter entirely, and I've not heard of one other than Trevor's (rather nice) cylinderback, which he has up for sale at present.

Prior to that, there's no evidence I'm aware of that Vega had any numbering system for their mandolins.He's a leading author on vintage instruments and co-authored America's Instrument: The Banjo in Nineteenth Century America with Phil Gura.His interest in banjos revolves around his more specific interest in Fairbanks/Vega banjos. Day, who took over the fretted instrument division of Vega after that company absorbed Fairbanks (where Day had worked for years) in 1904.There is a date stamp inside, on the neck block, which is (shall we say) inconsistent with the standard serial number vs. As I -believe- I read once upon a time, that banjo-originated list was collated from dated receipts and bills of sale for a large set of serialized instruments.That kind of information evaporates over time, as the receipts tend to get separated from the instruments.

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