Dating expertise

My mission is to help you find, attract and get into a committed relationship with the right man. And now, I help other women end their dating struggle and create a dream love life for them.If you live in a big city (with people around you all the time and everywhere), have a successful career/business, great friends and an active social life while every night going to bed feeling lonely and wondering if you’ll ever meet him, then you and I need to talk. If it worked for me and works for other women, it can work for you too.Now he is an awesome husband and hands-on dad to our son, so I couldn’t wish for a happier and more loving family. What I coach, teach and share with women is exactly what helped me create a loving committed relationship that I get to enjoy every day of my life.

Those few who did were players and douche bags who could approach any woman—you know the type. I realized I couldn’t and didn’t want to be stuck on my own anymore.I left a career in international development to start my own coaching business in January 2011 and never looked back.My big dream is to buy my husband a new, bigger boat—he already told me it’s a Formula Super Sport.So, if you’re committed to find love and keep it, you’ve come to the right place.Like you, I’ve suffered my own share of heartache, disappointments and frustration that took me a lot of time, strength and courage to overcome.

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