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A Fine Transitional Porcelain Cup, Late Ming Dynasty (Chongzhen 1628-1644) or Very Early Qing Dynasty (Shunzhi 1644-1661) c.1640-1650.

Decorated in a Rich Cobalt Blue with Two Dragons with Lotus Coming from their Mouths and Buddhist Emblems. Decorated in Blue and White with the ‘Eight Horses’ of Mu Wang within a Landscape. See our ‘Archive’ for more information, stock number 18594.

The plot was ultimately foiled and all of the concubines involved were summarily executed. See our ‘Archive’ for more information, stock number 18579.

See our ‘Archive’ for more information, stock number 16895 MING DYNASTY : JIAJING 1522-1566 Jiajing Six Character Mark and of the Period. The Bowl is Decorated with a Extensive Landscape With Three Scholars and their Attendants with Pavilions and Mountains. APOCRYPHAL JIAJING MARKS AND LATER MARKS COPYING JIAJING.

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A Fine Inscribed Jiexiu White Stoneware Bowl from the Jiexiu Kilns in Shanxi Province, Jin or Yuan Dynasty, 12th or 13th Century.Jiajing employed incapable individuals such as Zhang Cong and Yan Gao, on whom he thoroughly relied to handle affairs of state.He abandoned the practice of seeing his ministers altogether from 1539 onwards and for a period of almost 25 years refused to give official audiences, choosing instead to relay his wishes through eunuchs and officials.Teller IV, TK Asian Antiquities,2004) Pages 36 -37, Items 21-23.The Introduction of the Catalogue States that “A large number of jars have some calligraphy, both Chinese and as yet (an)unidentified script, which bears significant similarities to post 10th century Devanagari, a script used to write sacred Sanskrit texts.

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