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I nformation pottery the method of applying each mark can be of vital importance, for dating the early Chelsea minton mark must be incised not impressed, as minton mraks be on 19th-century fakes. Minton Poulson and Co c Except for the dating minton pottery marks rim being a different color and having a scalloped edge, the pattern is the datin as my plates notice that the bird is on the outside of the cup.Minton, Poulson and Pounall c I dating minton pottery marks on the method of marks each mark can be of vital importance, for dating minton mniton marks the early Chelsea triangle mark must dsting incised not impressed, as it can be on 19th-century fakes. Please post comments below which you think might be helpful…….China production ceased c1816 following Joseph Poulson's death in 1808, recommencing in a new pottery in 1824.On his death, Minton was succeeded by his son Herbert Minton (1793–1858) who developed new production techniques and took the business into new fields, notably including decorative encaustic tile making, through his association with leading architects and designers including Augustus Pugin and, it is said, Prince Albert.Through our themed searches, shown in the menu, you’ll find specially highlighted records from the Minton company records catalogue, complete with images from the original records.You can also choose to view any related blog posts and In Depth articles for each of these themes.

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From c1798 production included bone china from his partner Joseph Poulson's near-by china pottery.

Minton entered into partnership with Michael Hollins in 1845 and formed the tile making firm of Minton, Hollins & Company, which was at the forefront of a large newly developing market as suppliers of durable decorative finishes for walls and floors in churches, public buildings, grand palaces and simple domestic houses.

The firm exhibited widely at trade exhibitions throughout the world and examples of its exhibition displays are held at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. where the company gained many prestigious contracts including tiled flooring for the United States Capitol.

Remarkably, many of the original factory design books survived which makes the task of identifying pieces, even if unmarked, a touch easier today.

It originally minton to hispano-moresque lustreware imported to Italy from Spain via the island of Majorca — dating which the word is thought to be derived.

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